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Sometimes I sit in a quiet place, gaze up into the sky of our Universe and humbled by the vast cosmic infinity, I ask questions as if the answers were all out there. Are they?

Are our thoughts, dreams, visions intuitions which affect our lives, action and/or behavior, motivated through the network of the universal energies?

Many personal experiences made me a believer. Yes, the answers are out there and for the asking, they are transmitted to us in various forms. It is up to us to fine tune our internal "receivers" and recognize the answers, or assemble the fractions to a greater puzzle.

There are times when the thoughts following my questions, appear to return the answers instantly. Why did I not think of this before? Is it because I pre-empted my brain to concentrate upon that specific issue?

Why are the answers, at times like sudden lightning, interrupting my flow of questions that appear to splatter like water through a spout from the fountain of the universe?

What triggers this fountain of questions and what motivates them? Where is the source that prompts such brain activity? Are those questions asked by others? Do I simply pick them up through telepathy; thought transference; extrasensory perception, or whatever you want to call that phenomenon?

Hello, hello out there, watch the content of your thoughts. Children could be listening! Sounds crazy?

What if that is not so far fetched? What is our own energy? Ah...ah....Is the Universe a network of energies with strands and strands of it crisscrossing our space at different levels and strength?

How do we receive those energies?

Lets look at the sun. Does the sun disburse energy? What would our world be without the sun? Would it not be dead? Could we, along with all other living matter, sustain life without the sun? Not to my knowledge. Thus, would it be fair to assume that the sun energy = life?

Lets examine the moon. Does it's gravity not control the tide of the oceans? Would it be correct to say that the moon visibly affects bodies of water? What affect does the moon energy impress upon us, or upon any species which consists of a high percentage of water? Do you truly think that we, the human species, are immune to those forces? Do we not associate water with our emotions? So, would it be fair to say that the full moon phase could intensify emotions and we would be less vulnerable during the phase of the new moon? Now, why are some people more susceptible to the lunar energy than others? Why are in some of us the emotions the strongest attribute, while some are leaning toward the Intellectual, and thirdly, there are those who succeed better on a physical level?

It is my believe that through a variety of formulas, we do have the ability to calculate the energies affecting our lives. Like a language, we learn to read and interpret the "trillion" variables the language of numbers will reveal.

Where and how do we find our personal numbers, the foundation upon which we base the calculation?

1.       From our birth date we calculate the energies and determine the kind of road we travel upon through life. This energy we call "life path," cannot be changed.

2.       The name our parents choose for us, reveals the kind of vehicle with which we travel on the road through our lives. The name can be changed, and at times will make the difference between failure and success.

This vehicle, our name, can facilitate the journey through our life; assist in conquering the obstacles we might encounter, or it equally can hinder a successful achievement.

When there are conflicting aspects with the energy of the life path and/or one of the successive phases, this can cause all sorts of calamities. If we are aware of such conflicts and should they be severe enough, we do have the opportunity to change our name. After all, would you drive a wide, low riding luxury car over a narrow, very steep, rocky mountain road and expect to make it through without trouble?

Interpretation of Positive & Negative Numbers

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